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Membership Categories

Nutrition Council of Australia (NCA) is the peak representative body for Nutritional Advisors and Nutritionists within Australia. Beyond these two roles however, NCA is committed to uniting health care professionals to establish a broad and effective frontline in the war against diet and lifestyle related health conditions. Our three membership categories reflect this commitment and allow us to engage the widest possible pool of professional knowledge to shape both our policies and our support services.

Nutritional Advisor VS Nutritionist

In accordance with the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO), 2013, Version 1.3, graduates of 10763NAT – Certificate IV in Nutrition are classified within the Unit Group 2511 (Nutrition Professional), under the Occupation Level of a ‘Nutritionist’ (ANZSCO 251112).

*The above ANZSCO Identifier Code can be verified by CLICKING HERE

For membership categories Nutrition Council Australia has chosen the title Accredited Practising Nutritional Advisor (APNA) for graduates of the 10763NAT – Certificate IV in Nutrition, despite their Scope of Practice being the same as a Nutritionist.

As such, the terms ‘Nutritional Advisor’ and ‘Nutritionist’ can be used interchangeably, as they hold the same ANZSCO Occupation Level.

General Membership

This is for Nutritional Advisors/Nutritionists who DO NOT wish to work directly with clients to provide health and nutrition advice within the limitations of the NCA endorsed Scope of Practice. Accordingly, NCA offers a general membership category that allows members access to information, articles and forums in a ‘viewing only’ capacity and subscribe to newsletters and email updates relating to health and nutrition.

Accredited Practising Nutritional Advisor (APNA)

This is for Nutritional Advisors/Nutritionists who wish to work directly with clients to provide health and nutrition advice within the limitations of the NCA endorsed Scope of Practice. Accredited Practising Nutritional Advisors provide nutritional advice and meal planning services to healthy clients and work hand in hand with Allied Health and Medical Practitioners to support clients. To be eligible for membership as an Accredited Practising Nutritional Advisor, individuals must have completed the 10763NAT – Certificate IV in Nutrition, be a Nutrition Council Australia member and hold current Allied Health Professional Indemnity/Public Liability insurance.

Professional Associate

NCA is committed to uniting professionals across the health industry to provide the community with a network of professionals that can support and advise them in embracing positive nutritional behaviours. In recognition of this aim, NCA offers a Professional Associate membership to individuals working within the health and nutrition industry. Professional Membership is open to any individual with recognised qualifications in health and nutrition including but not limited to: Doctors and Nurses, Dietitians, Naturopaths and pharmacists.

Member Benefits

Nutrition Council Australia (NCA) represents the peak professional body for Nutritional Advisors and Nutritionists. As a primary function of the organisation, NCA provides a register of all Nutritional Advisors, Associate Nutritionists (ANutr) and Registered Nutritionists (RNutr). This register provides a pathway for clients, organisations and members of the public to find and verify the credentials of Nutritional Advisors and Nutritionists in their area.

NCA also provides members with a range of benefits which include:

Professional Insurance

(Nutritional Advisor and Nutritionist Only)
For members in either of these two categories who hold current membership and have met their annual professional development requirements, they are eligible to apply for NCA’s combined Allied Health Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance package. The insurance is provided in partnership with SureFinity Insurance Brokers. Premiums are calculated and payable annually and are only eligible to current NCA members.

Endorsed Documents and Templates

All NCA members will have access to documents and templates developed and endorsed for use within nutritional advisory practices. These templates are continually reviewed with new documents added on a regular basis.

Discounts on Internal and Partner PD Program

All NCA members will receive a 10% discount across all listed professional development programs through our partner organisations. For Nutritional Advisors and Nutritionists these courses contribute Professional Development Points to your annual requirements.

Access to Nutritional Information, Articles and Forums

All NCA members will receive access to our information portal with access to up to date articles on key nutritional topics, how to guides, news broadcasts and newsletters. Members will also have access to discussion forums to enable conversations on key topics with peers from across our member base incorporating all professional categories.