Nutrition Council Australia (NCA) is a member-based organisation committed to the promotion of positive nutritional information and healthy lifestyle practices within Australia.

NCA recognises the need to unite health and wellness practitioners with the medical community to adopt a collaborative approach to combating the increasing prevalence of obesity and other health conditions associated with poor nutritional habits within society.

NCA is administered by a central council formed by professionals from a diverse cross-section of the membership including Dietitians, Nutritionists, Doctors, Educators and Scientists.

What we stand for

NCA is focused on providing education and support services to the community promoting healthy lifestyles and positive diet practices. Using a collaborative approach to health education, NCA develops a range of education pathways for nutrition professionals and provides certification for practising professionals.

NCA promotes united support services across the health and fitness and medical industries to ensure that clients can readily access up to date, accurate and relevant information to meet their nutritional goals and objectives.

Let’s build wellness